Who We Are

The Bali Bulldogs Football Club was formed in 2020 and has expanded rapidly since then. Our Bulldogs Family includes a full Youth Football section and Adult teams including a women’s team.

Our Junior Section goes from Kindy through to U18 (Kindy, U6, U8, U10, U12, U15 are mixed then we separate into U18 Boys and U18 Girls).

Our Adult Section has an Open Age Men's Team, a 35+ Men's Team and a Ladies Team.

We aim to become the most respected and the most successful club on the island by providing the best facilities, the best coaches and the best development opportunities for our players.

  • Fun, Friendly, Fanatical

    We are driven by our love of the beautiful game and our wish to enable as many children and adults to develop their skills in a safe, fun and friendly environment.

    And, of course, we are football mad...

  • Expert Coaching

    Our fully-licensed coaching team provides expert weekly coaching and manages all the age groups, by focusing on the technical and tactical excellence, as well as the development of both the physical and mental skills required to play football to the best of your ability.

  • Community-oriented

    We play a key part in the community. Our new venue development in Berawa provides an amazing facility for the local community to meet, play and learn.  We offer scholarships to selected children in the area and we also have an in school program.

Join the Bulldogs!

  • Bulldogs Under 18 Boys Team News

    8 April, 2024

    The Bulldogs U18 boys' team has hit the ground running! Starting in January 2024, they've shown impressive form. Their football has been top-notch, with recent victories of 8-1 against Canggu Tigers and 8-4 against History FC. They even took on the Bulldogs coaches in a friendly match, ending in an 8-8 draw - a curious coincidence with the number 8. With their dedication and enthusiasm, they're eagerly anticipating their debut tournament later this year.

  • Bulldogs U13 participate in International Tournament

    26 March, 2024

    Over the past three days, the Bulldogs U13 boys' team had an incredible experience at the International Soccer Seven Competition (ISSC) in Nusa Dua. The event was well organized, and the level of competition was truly impressive, with some standout teams like the Japanese runners-up and the local champions, Mifa from Jimbaran. Though we faced challenges, playing against such strong opponents, we managed to play five spirited games. While the results may not have all been victories, participating in such a high-caliber tournament has given our boys invaluable experience and a newfound respect for the talent of other teams. We're proud of their effort and determination, and we're excited to continue improving and competing at this level in the future.

  • Bulldogs in Bangkok - First Inernational Tournament

    3 March, 2024

    From enjoying the luxury of our own private team bus to experiencing the thrill of playing in a stadium, the children cherished every moment. With 16 teams competing, including some of the best from six different countries in Asia, the competition was fierce. Despite finishing 4th out of 8 teams in our group, we secured a spot in the Shield Cup semi-final, ultimately finishing as runners-up. Our boys showcased remarkable sportsmanship and determination throughout the tournament, earning respect from the coaches and organisers. Finishing 6th overall from 16 teams participating, and claiming 2nd place in the Shield Cup exceeded expectations for our first international outing. This success motivates us to strive for more opportunities on the international stage in the future.

  • Bulldogs Host Their First Official Tournament

    11 December, 2023

    The Bulldogs recently hosted their first official tournament at the Arena, featuring 10 football clubs across U8, U10, and U12 age groups. The event drew a substantial turnout, establishing the club as a prominent tournament host, while providing a thrilling atmosphere with excellent facilities. All teams excelled, demonstrating sportsmanship and fair play in intense competition, including thrilling penalty shootouts. Results included Bulldogs U8 Yellow's Gold Cup win, U10 Blue's Silver Cup victory, and U12 Yellow triumph in the U12 Gold Cup.

  • U12 Champions of the Batigoal Grassroot League 2nd Edition

    26 November, 2023

    In a stunning turn of events, the Bali Bulldogs U12 team have proven themselves as the undisputed champions! After relentless dedication and hard work, they've clinched the title at the Batigoal Grassroot League, securing a 3-1 victory over FC Porba in the final. This remarkable achievement not only underscores the Bulldogs' prowess but also sets the stage for their next challenge. The focus now shifts to their upcoming tournament Bali 7's Football Cup.

  • Winners of the JSA 7's Plate Final

    26 November, 2023

    Our U14 team has just clinched victory in their first-ever tournament at JSA 7's, emerging as the triumphant Plate Final winners at Finns Rec Club. This achievement is a testament to the team's unwavering dedication and rapid growth since its start just a few months ago. The future is shining bright for these young lads, with their sights set on conquering the upcoming Bali 7's Football Cup.

  • U8 Champions of the Batigoal Grassroot League 2nd Edition

    26 November, 2023

    Our U8 team has seized their first-ever championship title, creating unforgettable scenes at the final whistle. These talented and modest young football stars are a force to be reckoned with, igniting excitement about the boundless possibilities that lie ahead. There's a sense that this dynamic squad has the potential to be truly unstoppable if they continue to work hard and grow together as a team. Congratulations, well deserved.

  • Runners Up in First Bali Girls Cup

    7 October, 2023
    Leading up to the long anticipated first ever Girls Cup in Bali, our U18 girls overcame player shortages and triumphed in the competition, reaching the final as the only undefeated team. Despite an unfortunate own goal, they played outstanding football, topping the group stage and defeating BFA in the semi final. Their sportsmanship, respect for others, and love for the game shone through. Kudos to the coach, Jamie, and his team for their exceptional performance and teamwork.

  • Bulldogs in Surabaya, Java

    1 October, 2023
    Our U12 boys team embarked on a journey to Surabaya, proudly representing the Bali Bulldogs on the Java stage, showcasing exceptional skills and determination. Despite finishing 7th out of 12 teams, the competition was intense, with narrow margins separating us from the top 3. We're focusing on minor improvements for future tournaments. The highlight was the boys' sheer enjoyment, making their experience a victory in itself. Their sportsmanship and dedication earned respect, reflecting positively on our community. Onward to the next challenge!

  • Runners up in the Batigoal Grassroot League

    24 September, 2023
    In a thrilling turn of events, our U10 Advanced and U12 teams were divided into yellow and blue squads. Demonstrating incredible team spirit, all four teams battled fiercely on the field, embodying the true essence of our club. The U10 yellow team clinched an impressive 2nd place in the league, narrowly missing the top spot due to goal difference, while the blue team secured a respectable 4th place. In the U12 category, the yellow team finished 3rd, and the blue team took the 5th spot. In November, the Bulldogs will once again participate in the (2nd edition of the) Batigoal Grassroot League. This time, we will be involving younger age groups, promising an even more electrifying competition!

  • Work hard, play hard!

    2 September, 2023
    As our membership continues to grow, our coaching staff has taken a proactive step to ensure every player gets the playing time they deserve. We've divided some of our larger teams into yellow and blue teams, a strategy that recently proved successful in our U10 Advanced teams, when both (yellow & blue) teams secured wins over Bali Football Academy (BFA) in their respective games, each with a score of 3-2.

  • Winners of the Gold Final!

    25 August, 2023
    Our U10s and U12s recently had the incredible opportunity to participate in the Flafa Tournament. Our U10 Advanced team triumphed in the Gold final with a 1-0 win, while our U12 team reached the Silver final, narrowly missing victory with a score of 1-2. These experiences not only showcased our teams' unity and team spirit but also provided valuable insights for our coaching staff on areas that require improvement to refine our players' skills.

  • The Bulldogs Approach to Holistic Player Development

    1 August, 2023
    At Bulldogs, player development is a continuous journey, starting from the early years and lasting throughout their time with us. Our coaching, tailored for every age group, focuses on building a strong foundation and honing skills for peak performance. We prioritize ball mastery through a 10-minute warm-up, ensuring players are confident with the ball at their feet. Emphasizing both tactical and technical abilities, we work on enhancing strengths and addressing weaknesses. We encourage independent problem-solving during games, allowing players to explore different positions, fostering creativity, and deepening their game understanding.