Philosophy and Approach

Our coaching philosophy is to build teams that play organised, possession-based, attacking football. This style of play takes time and patience but is in line with the modern thinking in the game. This approach also gives all of our players the best chance to reach their individual and team goals in football, inside or outside the Bali Bulldog club.

Each player will be encouraged to be well-rounded in regard to their physical, technical, psychological and social abilities on the field, which is based on the English FA Youth Coaching Four Corners model of player development. Players are encouraged to play in all positions on the field, as it helps them to develop game awareness, game intelligence and understand the balance between attack and defence.

Coaching Session Plans: 4 elements

1. Introduction and warm up

The goal here is to prepare the children mentally and physically for the training.

2. Drills and Skills

The session consists of training exercises, which seek to develop all elements of the four corners model, ball mastery, and playing style. 

3. Practice game

Here, we put the skills practised in into a competitive match scenario. Principles are reinforced but the emphasis is on a free flow game where players learn from their own decisions.

4. The Big Finish

At the end of the training, coaches will ask for player feedback, thank the children for their time, give a closing word and then perform the famous Bulldogs farewell!

Our Values

Fairness We believe in fair play.

Integrity We act in a fair, consistent, and transparent manner.

Excellence We set, work towards, and achieve the highest standards.

Fun Participating should enhance all stakeholders’ enjoyment of the game.

Dedicated We expect all members to make a commitment to the club and to its teams.

Accountable We will be transparent about what, how and why we operate the way we do.

Respectful We respect our fellow teammates, opposing teams, fans, coaches, and club, and support each other to achieve our objectives.  

Professional Club representatives will conduct themselves in all their dealings in accordance with the codes of conduct and expectations of the Committee.

Our Vision

Becoming the best and most respected football club on Bali by preparing our youth players for the future, both on and off the field.

Our Mission

Providing every child with the best opportunity to play football in a safe, supportive, inclusive, and disciplined environment so they can enjoy Football to the best of their ability.  We will endeavour to provide the best possible support for the health, welfare and well-being of players, officials, coaches, parents, and spectators. We strive to provide the best possible football experience and training environment for our players. Football will be used to instil the qualities of ambition, leadership, teamwork, respect, dedication, and the pursuit of excellence. Our players will learn to handle success and failure in competition and to exhibit good sportsmanship in victory and defeat.

Youth Coaching Team

All our Junior Coaches are fully licensed and on contract to the club. The team has a mix of specialisms and experience which makes them ideal for junior coaching.

Oh, and they are crazy about football!

  • Coach Eka

    Age: 31

    D License

    Favourite Team/s:

    Paris Saint Germain

  • Coach Joni

    Age : 30

    D License

    Favourite Team/s:

    Real Madrid, Manchester City

  • Coach Bobby

    Age: 50

    Clinic License

    Favourite Team/s:

    Manchester United

  • Coach Tino

    Age: 37

    C License

    Favourite Team/s:


  • Coach Putu

    Age: 40

    D License

    Favourite Team/s:

    Arsenal, Manchester United

Training Days

From January 1, 2023 our training schedule has changed. Full details are on the FAQ page.

Please contact us with any queries.