Adult Teams

Bali Bulldogs Adult Team currently has three teams. Aiming to provide a nice and fun environment for recreational and social plays, the adult teams often play friendly games and some small trophy setups.

We proudly play in our blue jersey twice a week, and 2 to 3 matches monthly. Once a week, we play outdoor in a local football field, then another round indoor in our own field.

The teams are managed by a few members of each team. We have a group of voluntary enthusiasts, who take care of setting up all the practices and coaching of the teams.

The open age teams are a bit more competitive as our social team, but at the end, we all play the game for the love of it and a laugh and a drink after the game.

Our opponents are most of the time Balinese teams, enabling us to collectively travel around the island for both football and leisure.

+35 Men

In 2020 a few fathers of our youth members that used to play soccer in their younger years started to kick the ball around while their children were practising on the field.

After a few weeks this group grew and was officially named the 35+ Legends team of the Bali Bulldogs.

In Bali there are many Legend teams and we are playing friendly games against them at least twice a month.

Open Age Men

In 2022 we received more and more requests from players that that were under 35 and were looking for a club to arrange practices and games.

This is when we decided to start with our open age team. The open age team plays more competitive against other open age teams in Bali.

There are a few other expat teams and almost every village has its own team as well. 

Women's Team

We are excited to have added our newest team to the Bali Bulldog family. Its been a fast start, with 40+ members since It's introduction in May 2022.
This team extends our commitment to grass roots football in Bali. With experienced coaches and a great group of women (both local and foreign) we've created a fun first environment with a focus is on community and development.